Health Coaching

I work with successful men and women with chronic illness, weight problems, and stress issues; to help create a healthier quality of life.

-Hone stress-relieving exercises

-Improve food habits

-Lose weight


-Goal Setting and accountability


Life Coaching

When we shut down our desires, we cannot connect with our truth. 

I use the habit change coaching method to help men and women discover their 'why' to create a more successful and fulfilling life. 

14-Day Reboot Cleanse

Thrive! Don't Starve!

-Gain more energy and mental clarity

-Shed toxins (possibly a few pounds)

-Get to the "gut" of the problem

-Develop new habits

-Be creative and curious

Get Started by Healing your Body with Food!

Mini Course

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Meet Marcelle

Certified Health & Life Coach

-Virtual & In-person (Portland)

I have a private Health and Life Coaching practice, specializing in habit change coaching method.

​I am very passionate about my work and understand change can be difficult and uncertain. It is important to have a coach to not only hold you accountable but to offer you clarity in your own truth. 

​Growing up on Whidbey Island made me fall in love with the Pacific North West and the food it has to offer. Young, enthusiastic, and dedicated I became Chef De Cusine at a top French Bistro in Portland, Oregon.

At the age of 24 years old I was diagnosed with Lupus an autoimmune disease that was crippling at times. I worked my butt off and consumed a large cocktail of medication to keep my body in a functioning state. As the years went on I became mentally and physically drained. I felt numb to the world, only focusing on the work instead of my health, my relationships, and my life balance. I decided to listen to my intuition to change the course of my life by taking control of my overall wellness.

I am proud to say I am happier and healthier than I've been in years.

It is hard to know where, how, and when to start. I struggle with feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and exhausted with all the information available. I spent hours reading, researching, and experimenting. Finally figuring out what worked for me and now I want to help you figure out what will work for you!


I enjoy curating information and exercises that will provide my clients with valuable transformations.  

Its Time To Take Action!




What I Specialize In

“Patients [need] someone to know and understand their unique strengths, challenges, and desires—someone to walk with them through the demanding process of implementing new beliefs and behaviors in their lives—in a way that [promotes] their own health and healing at the pace for which they [are] ready. This person needed to be in a trusted relationship with the patient, to be readily and frequently available, to see the patient as the capable expert in his or her own life, to understand the nature of the change process, and to be able to hold the vision of greater health for and with the patient. This person was, and is, a [health coach].”

Karen Lawson, MD, ABIHM 

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