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Marcelle Crooks

Meet Marcelle

Certified Health Coach & Personal Chef


I am here to assist you through your wellness journey...

Diet change, illness, weight loss, confidence, connection, or balance. Transforming our habits to create lives we want to live. 

Connection Notes:

-At age 24 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Lupus).

-I left the restaurant business to become a Health Coach.

-I treat Food as Medicine!

-I am a forever student.

-And I love working on my friend's farm!

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What I Specialize In

Reset Your Digestion System

Establish Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals


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Are you ready to change the same conversation you've been having for years?

I worked with Marcelle because I was having digestion issues and I have 4 grandchildren and at 61 I want to be really healthy so I could enjoy playing with them. She listened so well and asked what I had done so far rather than assuming. She was respectful and kind. She had so many great ideas, tips, tricks, suggestions, and recopies. I am feeling better than ever and am so grateful for the things that I incorporated due to her coaching, I am still doing them a year later. 


We started working with Marcelle a few months ago and have seen a complete transition in the well-being of our household. She is thoughtful, professional, and supplies excellent resources to keep our family healthy and happy without judgment.


This woman!!! Jake surprised us in January with a long-time dream of having a chef to help inspire us on our healing journey. She has gone way beyond our expectations of what a chef could be. I had an outdated bias of what kind of person has a chef and I am happy that has been blown out of the water. Marcelle brings so much love, care, and creativity into our house which has inspired us all! 


Conversations with Coaches

Starting the conversation about health and wellness rather than giving you a formula. Discover what works for you! We are here to encourage awareness and curiosity about your body and mind. Empowering you to make choices to "Become Your Solution" in your health journey.

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