Release your stress, empower you body!

I was diagnosed with Lupus an autoimmune disease when I was 24 years old. My body had crashed; inflammation took over and I couldn’t walk, I had crippling joint pain and lost a decent portion of my hair. To combat my symptoms my doctor put me on several medications:

               Infusion Drug-Once a month for 2hours

               Low dose Chemo Drug- For inflammation


Just to name a few…

My body with the support of the medications became functional enough to return to work. I continued my career path, worked my butt off and within two years at 26 became Chef De Cuisine at Little Bird Bistro. I loved what I did, teaching new cooks about food, teamwork, and creativity. Bringing people together to share a great meal and good conversation. The joy I got from the job, kept me pushing forward through the pain, stress, and sleeplessness.

As the years went on, I felt more disconnected from my body. I disliked how the medication was making me feel or not feel. How I didn’t have enough energy to do anything else, but my job. I knew something needed to change. I dove deep into food as medicine and healing my body and mind with food.

I left my position in late December 2018 and became a certified Health & Life Coach, specializing in stress relief and weight loss through transformational habit change. As well as working on a No-Till farm (Blue Raven) out in Corbett. Connecting the dots between maintaining good soil health and how to grow the best nutrient-dense foods for our health.

I am inspired every day to encourage and guide others to become the healthiest versions of themselves!

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