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Avocado Toast with Sauteed Greens

Feel free to experiment with spices, herbs, and flavors!

Use spinach; kale; arugula; collard greens; napa cabbage; purple cabbage.

Use Broccoli; cauliflower; fennel; kohlrabi; zucchini; asparagus.

Herbs: cilantro; basil; tarragon; parsley; mint; thyme!

Spices: Harissa; chili powder; cumin; coriander; ginger; garlic powder; onion powder; sumac; black pepper; green pepper; fenugreek, sage; fennel.

Acid: Apple cider, champagne vinegar; rice vinegar; lemon juice; lime juice; sherry vinegar; red wine vinegar; etc.

Serving for one person with extra for wraps!

1/2 bunch Washed and chopped Kale

1 small Yellow Onion (red or sweet works too)

1 large Garlic Clove sliced thin

Pinch of Harissa

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Ground Black Pepper

1-2 tablespoons Champagne vinegar

1-2 tablespoons Julienne Sun-dried tomatoes

10 each Basil leaves, torn

Heat saute pan on medium heat, add avocado oil.

Add onions, cook for 2-3 minutes; add sliced garlic continue cooking until onions are translucent.

Season with salt; add kale; vinegar; harissa; black pepper; sun-dried tomatoes. Cap for 2-3 minutes.

Turn out heat, add torn basil leaves; check for seasoning.

Put it Together:

Slice 1/2-1 whole avocado

Take toasted bread with butter (if desired)

Lay sauteed greens on top of toast

Spread sliced avocado on top of greens

Finish with drizzle of olive oil and salt & pepper (extra: squeeze of lemon)


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