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Let's Start With Food

Today, my post is about how to start making simple changes in your life. Everyone tries to diet, exercise more, and meditate.

Ask yourself: "Why are these changes not sticking?" "What is getting in the way?"

Well let me just tell you, you are not alone in this and it can be done. When we make a lot of big goals and add them onto our already busy lives, it can seem overwhelming and unattainable. We pretty much are setting ourselves up for failure before we even begin. Let's change that!

Starting with the food we eat:

-Make a list of at least five things that you appreciate about your diet.

-Make a list of at least five things that you want to improve about your diet.

For some of you diet might be a negative word because its linked to memories of hunger, counting calories, and self-loathing. I believe there is a diet for everyone, meaning your diet changes as you change. Your personal diet can help nourish your body and mind or it can starve you of energy, sleep, and provide you with uncontrollable cravings. Let's take simple steps to making lasting change.

Out of the five items you want to improve about your diet, what is the top priority? Circle that particular item and ask yourself what is one small thing I can do to improve this.

Example: I want to start eating breakfast in the morning.

Action step option 1: I will drink a glass of water when I get up every morning.

Action step option 2: I will pull out my blender every morning.

Action step option 3: I will turn on my burner every morning.

All of these options are simple actions you can do everyday with little effort, but if you end up eating a handful of nuts, making that smoothie, or egg/spinach scramble that is fantastic! Just know you are only responsible for that particular step and if it leads to greater things wonderful, if not you know you are still accomplishing the task/goal you set for yourself. This is how we develop long lasting habits.

Next is creating an anchor to remind us of our action step, so we can perform the action with little effort.


Anchor option 1: Sticky note above the sink.

Anchor option 2: Picture, song, or a book that reminds you of smoothies/blender placed accordingly in the kitchen.

Anchor option 3: Burner alarm set on your phone.

Once you have accomplished the task, say something positive about the action to yourself. I know it can feel silly at first, but to solidify the action with positive reinforcement can develop a long lasting habit. It can be as simple as a "YES" out-loud, or a big smile to yourself, as long as it means something to you and it feels good doing it.

To recap, start with these three simple steps: select your food goal, develop an action step, and set an anchor. If you follow the guidelines to developing healthy habits you will be on your way to better living and a more beneficial diet.

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