• Marcelle Crooks

Refreshing Summertime Drink

1 can or bottle of your favorite Sparkling Water

1/3 cup of Coconut Water

2 each Fruit Cubes

Mix and enjoy!

Fruit Cubes

1/2 pint Raspberries

1 pint Blueberries

Juice of 1/2 Lemon

Blend until smooth; strain; freeze; Enjoy!


Add on's: Slice cucumber; fresh mint; fresh basil; fresh thyme.

Freeze herbs in ice cube trays

Add for adult beverage: Tequila; Vodka; Gin


This is a great beverage to help you cut out sugary juices, teas, and soda. Keep it simple and as natural as possible. Ask yourself how much sugar are you really consuming on a regular basis and how is it affecting your daily life.

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