Single Session

One hour single session:

Discover goals


Stress Relief Techniques 

Food Habits

Personal Meal Prep


$75 an hour plus the cost of groceries 

-Additional fees may apply for diet restrictions and or product substitutions. 

-Prepared in your kitchen


Private Cooking Lessons: 

-$75 per hour plus the cost of groceries

Pantry Overhaul

-$75 per hour plus the cost of groceries to restock.

Business Lunch and Learn:

-$350 for Health Talk and Food Demo for 1-30 people. 

14-Day Cleanse

This program gives you the opportunity to:

-Gain more energy and mental clarity

-Shed toxins (possibly a few pounds)

-Get to the "gut" of the problem

-Develop new habits

-Be creative and curious

90-day Intensive

I work with men and women to relieve stress and lose weight, so they can empower their choices and gain more energy to reach their goals. This program allows clients to thrive in work, home, and life wellness. 

-Hone stress-relieving exercises

-Discover what foods are giving you energy and what are taking it away


-Goal Setting and accountability

-Movement and action steps

-Heal the body with food

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